Granulation machine LGL series

LGL . Series fluidized bed dryer

  • Productivity: 60-400 kg
  • Tank capacity: 160-1600 L
  • Product volume: 25%-80%

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Hotline 24/7: 0931 464846 ; 0938 024 009 or ZALO app 0931 464846 ; 0938 024 009


Granulation machine LGL series imported original belt, 100% new. Delivery, installation, 12 months warranty, lifetime maintenance.

Hotline 24/7: 0931 464846 ; 0938 024 009  or ZALO app  0931 464846 ; 0938 024 009

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LGL Series fluidized bed dryer is equipped with high technology, energy saving, high efficiency. The liquid bed module filter can be changed separately, meeting GMP requirements. It provides the best choice for granulation line and pelletizing process.

  • There are 3 agitators with a small blade on each end and for optimum cutting force for granulation at any speed.
  • The drain valve is easily cleaned completely on the side of the bottom of the pan and easier to check after cleaning thanks to the openable design.
  • The hopper is equipped with an air plate to prevent the medicine from going to the bottom of the machine. Air plate and hopper are not welded for convenient inspection after cleaning.
  • The filter disc can be automatically raised and lowered by the motor for convenient replacement and cleaning of the filter bag.

Goldseal’s LGL Series Fluidized Bed Dryer is the BEST CHOICE

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